What Makes For A Great Builder?

So you’re looking at different builders in Taupiri and wondering if they’re any good. A really great builder can make all the difference in the home you’re trying to get made. After all, you’re sinking a lot of money ‒ possibly your life’s savings ‒ into a building project and can’t afford to have it go wrong. 

It’s very common to have builders who finish the job below expected standards or run over time or over budget. The whole experience can quickly turn into something very unpleasant and even a little traumatic.

At JWJ Build, we like to ensure that your building experience with us is as satisfying and exciting as you hoped it would be. We aim to deliver exactly what you dreamed of and do it on time and on budget. We aim to be great builders.

Here are three qualities that separate great builders from the rest of the crowd.

1) Excellent Work 

Obviously, the main yardstick by which to measure a builder’s excellence is in the work they deliver. A great builder will care deeply about getting the details right. He will care about getting it right the first time so that your money isn’t wasted on fixing things later. A great builder will not take chances with materials or shoddy workmanship, and he will make sure that his workers approach the project with the same level of care.

2) Great Service  

While delivering excellent work is important, a truly great builder knows that half the job is about providing great service to the client. This means being available to talk with the client about the project, alleviate their fears and concerns, take on board their ideas, respond to communique timeously, proactively let the client know about developments and updates regularly, and generally be congenial and easy to work with.

3) Genuine Care 

A great builder isn’t just in it for the money. He genuinely cares about the building and the impact that it would not only have on you and your family but on the community around it as well. A great builder knows that a new building is the start of a legacy, that it is history in the making, and that new memories will be forged there for years to come.

Genuinely caring will mean that the project will get done right, and the little details will be seen to.

For one of the greatest builders in Taupiri, contact JWJ Build now to get your dream house built just the way you want it!


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